API Access

JSON API Service Information

API Access is available to a wide variaty of clientele, including retail shops, buy-back programs, recycling centers, pawn shops, and law enforcement agencies originating in the United States.

Our API allows our partners the ability to integrate the deviceCheck service into their own platform, making it possible to utilize our deviceCheck service without the need to manually visit the website to check the status of a device's IMEI.

Contact Us if you're interested in our deviceCheck API.

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$postdata json_encode(array("token" => YOUR_API_KEY,"service" => SERVICE_NAME,"imei" => YOUR_IMEI));
$ch curl_init();
curl_setopt($chCURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type:application/json'));
$result curl_exec($ch);

Using our API

Using the example code, you will be able to make a simple API call to our deviceCheck API with the help of CURL and PHP.

While this example shows you one method, your options are not strictly limited to using PHP. We have clients who use perl, python, and .NET just to name a few.

The only thing you need to send in your JSON encoded POST string is your API Token, the IMEI of a wireless device, as well as the service you want to check your IMEI against.

For example, if you wanted to check a device against the IMEI Blacklist, your POST data would look like such:

{"token":"[email protected]","service":"blacklist","imei":"352978091717190"}

Pricing Information

Our API Service utilizes a tier based billing system. With that said, those who use our API have a monthly service fee of $500.00 USD, which covers the first 3,500 IMEIs processed each month for that account.

At the start of each new month we will issue an invoice for the prior month's usage, which is then due within 15 days. The invoice amount will include the $500.00 service fee, and then the tiered rate for the number of IMEIs checked beyond level Tier 1.

As an example, if your business processed 31,481 IMEI checks during the invoice period, the amount due would be calculated like so;
$500 + $2580 (21,500 @ 0.12/ea) + $648.10 (6,481 @ 0.10/ea) = $3,728.10 USD.

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